MCD Screen Door Pull-Up Shade

MCD Innovations has designed a new screen door solar shade system for motorhomes, fifth wheels and pull-behind trailers aptly named the MCD Screen Door Pull-up Shade (because of the manner in which it pulls up out of its housing and latches to the top of a screen door frame).

The assembly looks sleek and, as with all MCD shade products, has a highly refined mechanism that allows the user to extend and retract the solar shade fabric to cover the door screen area. The proprietary MCD ClearView II™ Solar Screen shade fabric is utilized in the new assembly to provide both UV and heat transfer protection.  The shade fabric is encased in an attractive, lightweight aluminum housing that attaches quickly and easily to any screen door frame. The small footprint of the unit makes it ideal for use on any RV screen door. During the day, occupants have a superb outward view and complete privacy, but those on the outside cannot see in.  The shades are custom made for each make and model of RV.  To top it off, the new shade is proudly 100% American-made including all of its components as well as the equipment and labor to produce them.

To operate the MCD Screen Door Pull-up Shade, simply grasp the exposed tab, raise the shade and fasten it to the included latching hardware that is to be attached to the upper part of the door frame. To retract the shade, grasp the tab, lift it off the latching hardware and lower the day shade back into its housing.

Limited Warranty

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